TEXT:  EZRA9:4-10:1

  1. Reverential prayers bring revival to a nation     Ezra 9:4-5
    1. Respectful of God’s Word
    2. Repentant toward God’s holiness     Acts 20:21; Hebrews 6:1; 2 Corinthians 7:8-13
    3. Restore close fellowship with God
      1. Sin hinders our benefit of fellowship with God
      2. Sin hinders our intimacy of fellowship with God
      3. Sin hinders our enjoyment of fellowship with God
  2. Realistic prayers bring revival to a nation     Ezra 9:6-9
    1. Realizing sin increases when it is not dealt with properly
    2. Realizing God has a work He still wants to do
      1. Responding to God’s grace offered briefly
      2. Remaining faithful as God’s remnant children
      3. Rebuilding to God’s Glory for the future gives us a nail in His holy place
        1. Receiving God’s nail to hammer it into our lives
        2. Receiving the understanding of His Will
        3. Receiving our request of a little reviving of what is left
    3. Realizing we are completely dependent upon God
  3. Revolutionary prayers bring revival to a nation     Ezra 9:10-10:1
    1. God and His Word do not change even though nations do
    2. God’s Will for His holiness in His people does not change
    3. God’s ability to forgive, cleanse, and heal does not change