AM: Newness in Christ

Text: II Corinthians 5:16-21

Introduction: Verse 16


Christ’s death changes us – Verse 15

Christ’s love controls us  – Verse 14

Christ’s greatness motivates us  – Verse 12

  1. Newness of person in Christ  V 17
    1. Newness of focus
    2. Newness in Christ
      1. New nature
      2. New future
      3. New liberty
  2. Newness of practice in Christ V 18
    1. The ministry of reconciliation
    2. The Word of reconciliation
    3. The ambassadors for Christ
  3. Newness of purpose in Christ  V 21
    1. Because of what God sent Christ to do
    2. Because of what Christ did for us
    3. Because of what Christ gave to us
    4. Because of us being “in” Christ

Action points:

I know for sure I was made new in Christ when I was ________________!

This week I will work on my new practice of living out my calling by ________________________ .

This week I need to fulfill my purpose in life in living out His righteousness in me by ______________ .