AM: “Living Life Rooted in Christ’s Word”

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Text: Psalm 92:1-15

  • Introduction:
    • This passage is paralleling a good spiritual life with two types of trees
    • The difference growing old in Christ’s Word makes
    • The reality of life stages in development
    • Young life growing in a less than adequate environment has a difficult time developing
      • In the biological kingdoms
      • In the human experience
      • In the spiritual reality
  1. The environment of life influences its’ health   Psalm 92:12
    1. Living organisms grow in an environment
    2. Healthy spiritual life requires righteousness
    3. The righteousness of God in us     Psalm 24:3-6;  Romans 3:19-26
  2. The signs of healthy life     Psalm 92:12-14
    1. Healthy life is planted
      1. Planted in the house of the Lord
      2. Flourishing in the courts of our God
      3. Nourishment in the presence of the Lord
      4. Intimacy in relationship with the Lord
      5. The contrast of the wicked     Psalm 92:6-10
    2. Healthy life is flourishing
    3. Healthy life is growing
    4. Healthy life is fruitful
      1. Productive
      2. Nourishing others
      3. Duplicating itself
      4. Multiplying
      5. Fulfilling purpose
  3. The display of a healthy Christian life     Psalm 92:15
    1. That the Lord is good in what He has done in this life     Psalm 92:1-5
    2. That the Lord is our source of stability and strength in this life
    3. That the Lord is always perfect and righteous in His work in this life
  • Action Points:
    • What evidence do you see in you for spiritual life?
    • Is the environment of your spiritual life influencing a healthy spiritual development?
    • Can you identify any signs of the health of your spiritual life?
    • What are you displaying for the world to see in your spiritual life?