AM: “Deep Faith in Christ”

Text: Luke 5:1-11

Face life with faith, not fear

  1. Deep faith comes from a desire for God’s Word         Luke 5:1-2
    1. Faith comes by hearing God’s Word                    Romans 10:13-17
    2. God’s children are told to desire God’s Word     I Peter 2:2
    3. God’s wisdom in life comes from God’s Word    Proverbs 2:6
  2. Deep faith causes us to use what we have for the Lord     Luke 5:3-5
    1. The Lord’s Will is not always convenient
    2. The Lord’s Will is a decision of submission
    3. The Lord’s Will usually challenges our faith and obedience
  3. Deep faith always helps us experience life better        Luke 5:6-11
    1. Jesus kept His promise even though Peter did not obey fully
    2. Our lack of faith always ends up costing us needlessly
    3. Our lack of faith in the Lord’s Will is only fixed with repentance
  4. Deep faith is something we grow in to follow Jesus more   Luke 5:10-11;  II Peter 3:18
    1. This experience caused them to trust Jesus more
    2. This acknowledgment of sin caused them to follow Jesus more fully
    3. This growth in faith caused them to be utilized in Jesus’ Will more

Action Points:

  • How deep is your faith in the Lord?
  • How full is your obedience to the Lord in your life?
  • What changes do you need to make this week in order to grow deeper in faith in the Lord and obedience to the Lord?