AM: “An Understanding Heart”

Dr. Mark Rasmussen from West Coast Bible College

Text: I Kings 3: 3 -28

Introduction:                From the life of Solomon see 4 ways to get wisdom:

  • Ask God for it
  • Be around wise people
  • Be in God’s Word – book of Wisdom
  • Learn from the reproofs of life.
  1. A diligent regard for the Lord
    1. Solomon loved the Lord
    2. What or who do we love?
  2. A dependent reliance on the Lord – V. 6-8
    1. Recognize that we need the Lord
  3. A divine resource from the Lord  –  V. 9
    1. Obey the impulses of the Holy Spirit – V. 10-14
  4. A delightful reward from the Lord – V. 13
    1. Do all to the Glory of God – I Corinthians 10:31
  5. Discernment from the Lord  – V. 25-28
    1. The wisdom of God, visible to the people around us

Ask God to help us keep on the “right” path.