You Are a Proclaimer

We all are preachers of messages every day. We all speak words that communicate information that is important to us. The only way any one is going to be influenced by our understanding of information is if we proclaim what we know to them. This is true in regards to every topic that we talk about every day. Politics is a topic that I hear people share their beliefs on a regular basis. Family is another subject that I hear people proclaim much information about. Sports is a topic people love to proclaim all they know about to whoever will listen. However, this is the same reality when it come proclaiming what we know about Jesus and the Salvation that He has made possible for whosoever will believe on Him as their Saviour. Just like with any other topic that we know truth about, no one can be influenced by the information we know unless we let them know by telling them. This is exactly what Romans 10 is speaking about in verse 14 when it says “how shall they hear without a preacher…” and that preacher is you for the people you meet along life’s journey. The word “preacher” there means “heralder or proclaimer” as in one who makes truth known to others, which is what being a witness and soul winner is all about. We cannot save anyone, but we are to be witnesses to everyone. Only God can save souls, but He chooses us to reach then with His Gospel so He can use it to work in their hearts to draw them to Himself. He does the saving, but He uses us as His tools to proclaim His truth. He is the Almighty Redeemer, but He chooses to allow us to be used for His glory to do His work here on earth. It is His Word that produces faith to trust in His Son as Saviour, but He calls us to obey Him in getting the message out to those who need to hear it. He is the one that paid the price of the sins of mankind, but He uses imperfect people like us to make Him known to others sinners who need His forgiveness like we have received. We cannot do the mission God has called us to do without Him working through us with His power, therefore He is glorified by our obedience. I do believe that we would all agree that our Heavenly Father should be glorified by us in obeying His will for our lives in proclaiming the message we believed in because we heard it from someone who make it known unto us.