Worthy of Our Heart Worship

God is truly worthy of our trust and obedience even in these difficult days of uncertainty and concern. We live in a day and age where we are seeing the challenges of life displaying much of the reality of our faith. There have been days in the past that were difficult for others before now, but this is the time in which each of us are living. Believers in the first century living in Rome or under Roman occupation were faced with the challenges of a completely pagan government that was in total control over their lives. Thankfully, our government leaders are not all completely pagan; however, it is seemingly becoming a growing number presently. Thankfully, they do not have complete control over our lives, even though it appears they are pushing the limits to see how far the average citizen will allow. Even though our economy is hemorrhaging and people’s life businesses are in great jeopardy and some have closed forever, it was, in fact, worse for the average person and the wealthy during the onset of the Great Depression. It is when life gets difficult that we see the evidences of our faith. Thankfully, I have not heard of anyone jumping to their death because their livelihood has disintegrated in this moment in time, however that did happen in the Great Depression. When our god is our income, our identity is our work, and our significance is our position or status, to lose that causes people to become hopeless, empty, and desperate enough to give up on life completely. When we are faced with perilous times, it is important to keep our faith in and our eyes on the Lord and not ourselves, our government, or our circumstances. When we can work, according to the Bible, we should work and not stay home depending on the government to give us what we should be earning to meet our needs. When we become dependent on the government, it is very easy to begin to worship the government over God and that becomes idolatry, which is still an abomination to the Lord no matter what is happening in the world. At some point in the process of government overreaches, God’s people must draw a line in the sand and say we will obey God rather than man. I do believe that vulnerable people need to be extra careful and cautious. I do believe that sick people need to stay home and keep their sickness away from healthy people. I do believe we should take extra precautions to disinfect surfaces and keep our hands sanitized. And each of these practices are how every infectious disease and pandemic has been handled in times past—however, our faith must be in the Lord and not in ourselves or in other people. We must trust the Lord and not let fear dictate our entire lives. Each believer must work these matters out personally with the Lord, but we also need to make sure that we are preparing to answer to the Lord as well.