Worshipful Christmas

In the Scriptures, the one thing we see consistently displayed in the people engaged in the Incarnation record is worship. In the beginning of the narrative, we see Mary and then Joseph submitting to God’s will for their lives which is a very real part of any true worshippers’ response to who God is and what He says for us to do with Him. In Luke 1:46-56, we see Mary’s song of worship magnifying her God for His blessing on her and His fulfilling Messianic prophecy through her as His instrument of His will on earth. In Luke 2, we see the angels of God worshiping as they sang praise to God and glorified Him in declaring the coming of His only begotten Son into the world to be the Saviour. Then we see the shepherds coming to the manger and doing actions of worship in lowering themselves before the Lord in a manger as they exalt the reality of who He is and what He was there to do. Then eight days later, we see Mary and Joseph at the Temple in Jerusalem. They were there in order to worship because of God’s gift to them and to honor God with sacrifices. The Child they were blessed with from God was a boy that opened the womb of Mary. As they are there, we see two more people encountering Jesus with acts of worship to Him for who He is and what He came to do for them in Simeon and Anna. Then months later, we see the wise men coming to Bethlehem from the long journey from the deserts of the east in order to worship the young child, Jesus, in His house with His earthly parents caring for Him. They worshipped Jesus by bowing before Him, honoring and adoring Him for who He is, and giving gifts from them to Him recognizing the significance of the gift that He came to be for them. After that, we see yet one more individual professing his intent of worship unto Jesus in the nativity narrative of Scripture in the person of Herod, King of the Jews. However, as we see in Scripture, Herod is not true in his words and his purpose is not to truly worship Jesus and value Him for who He is and what He came to do. Herod is a false worshiper and his motives were to destroy the purpose of God in Jesus coming to earth and kill the baby keeping Him from the cross; he was honoring and serving Satan instead of the Lord God. Things have not changed today. We still have false worshippers who do not seek to honor Jesus as God. I wish to challenge us all to truly make our Christmas festivities worshipful and honoring to the Lord. We have a 10AM worship service here at Summerville to help you worship on Christmas Day, if you wish to join us. Regardless of where you are or who you are with, may you have a worshipful Christmas!