With or Without God

This is really the question of life and eternity. We either live life with God or we live it without Him. It cannot be both ways. We all start life naturally in our flesh born with a sin nature and, therefore, it is not long before we begin to act naturally in sinning willfully on our own. We begin life dead in our sins, lost in the darkness of sin, and separated from God spiritually. The question is, will we choose to continue to live life separated from God and live independent of God doing our own thing in life while remaining ignorant of His grace, mercy, and love in our life? If we do not hear the Gospel of Jesus Christ, realizing that we are a sinner in need of a Saviour, and we do not turn to Him in faith, then we will continue to live life without God in it. We may fall to Satan’s deception of man-made religion so that we emotionally feel better about ourselves by doing some good deeds and knowing some facts about God, but we are still lost in our sinful nature separated from God. Not until the truth of God brings conviction of our sinfulness against God will we truly realize how lost we are. Not until the light of the glorious Gospel of Jesus Christ shows us our sinfulness will we truly understand how wicked we are apart from God’s righteousness. Not until the Word of God produces faith in our heart will we ever truly act on that faith and repent of our sinfulness and receive Him as our Christ, our Redeemer, and our Sacrifice for our sins to be truly born again into God’s family forever. Once we have been saved and adopted into the beloved family of God, then all of life and eternity will we lived with God in it. That does not mean we will always act like it and never go against what God wants for His children, but it does mean that He is going to be working on us and in us to help us do right and get right when we do wrong. The only way to live eternally with God in His Heaven is to begin living life with God while we are here on earth in Biblical Salvation. If we are truly living life with God, then He will begin to make some changes in how we live life because of the presence of His righteousness in us through His Spirit dwelling within us. Life lived with God will be different than life lived without God. Solomon understood that even though he strayed away from that, but then he came to admit the reality of it once again after he made many foolish, destructive, and completely avoidable rebellious life choices against God in his life. So, what about you, my friend? Are you still living life without God? Or perhaps you have chosen to live life with God and you are enjoying the benefits and blessings of living life according to His will and Word. Or are you foolishly following the bad example of Solomon and several other children of God and living life with God but in rebellion against God? Take from the experience of others who have gone on before you— don’t waste your time and end up in the same empty place as others, but rather repent today submitting yourself to truly living life with God today.