Why We Do What We Do?

Everyone here has accomplished many things this week. Everyone here today has had the same number of hours to use in the past week, but we have all used them in different ways. Some of us worked a job, some worked around the house, or at school, or doing some other type of work with part of our time. We all spent some time eating and resting, and hopefully perhaps exercising a bit as well. We all had some personal time that could be used according to our own discretion. Some may have had more than others, but everyone had some personal discretionary time to use as we wished. The question is how did you use that time and why did you choose to use it in that way? Some used a portion of that time each day reading their Bible and praying in personal worship to the Lord, but others did not. Some used part of that time reaching out to minister to others and try to draw them closer to the Lord, but others did not. Some used a bit of that discretionary time being involved with our outreach ministry with Evangelist Bob Holmes, but others did not. Even being here today has a different motivation and purpose for different people. Some are here today for social purposes, others for spiritual purposes, while others may not even be sure why they are here, but they feel they should be and they are trying to figure out why they feel that way. Some have a deep and growing relationship with the Lord that they want to make stronger, others desire that but are not satisfied with how things are going for them currently in their walk with God, while others are still desiring to have a personal and passionate relationship with their Creator God. Some here today for worship were not here for the Sunday School hour; some here this morning will not be back tonight; some here today will join us again on Wednesday, while others will not. The question is why will you do the things you do with the time you have in each day, each week, each month, each year in the lifetime God gives to you. Answering the question of why you do what you do is very profitable in our preparation for eternity and our accountability to our Saviour. If we evaluate our choices and find our reasons not suitable for the accountability we want to have, then we still have time to make some adjustments in order to have a better accountability before the Lord. My goal in challenging your purposes in your choices is not to motivate by guilt, but rather just to get each of us to consider why we do what we do. There are lost people everywhere, and everyone needs to being involved with reaching them. I am thankful for our investment in the Warren family doing that in St. Mary’s, AK. Israel Warren is here with us today and is using his time well for God’s glory as an extension of our church.