Who Will Go to America

Missions is not merely giving so others can go to a foreign field to take the Gospel to those who need to hear it elsewhere. It is just as much taking the Gospel to those who need to hear it here in America as well. The Great Commission of Jesus Christ is about planting churches in communities that have plenty of religion of man but very little or no Gospel preaching of a biblical church honoring the Lord. The Great Commission is also about going with the Gospel message into places that it is not readily available. Such as prisons like Bro. Floyd Stevens who was here with us last Sunday night. Rock of Ages Prison Ministry missionaries are all over the country and in foreign lands bringing the Gospel into prisons and even into schools to try to reach people and prevent their entry into prison. It is also about taking the Gospel to the US Military overseas stationed on bases, forts, and camps on foreign soil like what the Martins and others do in military churches in foreign lands. However, Jesus’ Great Commission is just as much about you and me living out our faith and verbalizing the Gospel right here in our community. It is about each of us seeing ourselves as a missionary where we live, where we work, where we go to school, or even in groups and clubs that we are part of in our week in and week out living of life. It is about every true believer spreading the Gospel as they go through their day by handing a Gospel tract to the person serving us at the restaurant or drive thru. It is about every person that names the name of Christ as personal Saviour by faith in Him truly being a follower of Him seeing taking the Gospel to someone else like Jesus did to the woman at the well in Samaria. If we are truly going to be obedient to Christ’s Commission for His churches made up of His followers, which is recorded in all four Gospels as well Acts 1 and many other places, then we must being giving to support others to take the Gospel where we are not while at the same time we ourselves are actively engaged in our own spreading of the Gospel in our own local community through our own local church.