When You Miss, You Miss Out

I am concerned about people missing out from worship in the days ahead as we move past this pandemic and the panic it has created. Sooner or later life must resume to be lived normally; if not, we will miss out on many important experiences in life’s journey. I fear that healthy people are going to miss out on many experiences of life due to concern about sickness that may or may not happen. Just think of the followers of Jesus who for one reason or another were not present in that room in Jerusalem when the Holy Spirit came to abide within the believers who were present. On this very day, Pentecost Sunday, nearly 2,000 years ago, that is what happened in Jerusalem during the wave offering celebration of the wheat harvest. Just think of those believers who were not present in the room waiting of God to send His promise. They had to wait longer before being able to receive the Holy Spirit. Thankfully, believers today are blessed with the Spirit indwelling us when we trust Christ, but there are other things we miss out on when we are not present. Pentecost Sunday was also the remembrance of God giving His Word to Moses on Mount Sinai after delivering His children from bondage and, thankfully, that was only the beginning of God inspiring His Word to man. God used Moses during this time to record for us the events of the first five books of the Old Testament to help mankind begin to get the know God more personally and to see His plan of relationship unfolding in written form for us today. Today, we celebrate God giving His Word to help man know Him, God giving His Spirit within believers to help them live for God’s glory, and God providing His people what they need for life through the calendar year in the wheat harvest. This calendar year has been a historic one indeed; the question is what have we learned from it? What has been practiced for the past many weeks in the name of health must not become the new normal for God’s people. Distance worship may help us in our fellowship with God partially, but it does not help us in our fellowship with each other, and it is not what God prefers to be the priority of His children. There are some who due to underlying health concerns need to remain abundantly cautious and we encourage them to do so, and we will continue to minister to them on the internet and with DVD’s being delivered. However, for the vast majority of God’s people, we need to take back control of our faith and the free exercise of it as outlined in God’s Word not the government. I think we need to continue being prudent, practical, and prayerful in how we return to normal just as we discussed when this all started months ago. Please let the Lord direct you in what He wants you to do for His glory and your good.