We Need Wisdom

We have never been here before is a truth for us all. As we move forward in history, we are all navigating uncharted waters of life, and we desperately need God’s wisdom to help us with what we do not know. This is true of our political leaders, church leaders, business leaders, family leaders, and our own individual lives. We can look back on recent history and realize that far too often the decisions that have been made by many in our political leadership were not made with the wisdom of God and, unfortunately, for many even personal decisions have not quite turned out like they were hoping. Every step of life is filled with new challenges, opportunities, and obstacles that we are in desperate need of God’s wisdom and input in order to make the best decisions from our limited resources. In my own life, I can look back and see how God has helped me in many ways, but I can also see how I have failed to let Him guide me and the failures that have resulted. I also can see how thankful I am that through many of those challenges that God allowed He has been with me and helped me through them far better than I would have ever done on my own. As we make decisions in leadership meetings, we ask the church family to pray for us to have the wisdom of God. As the leadership presents recommendations to the church family, we ask you to seek God for His wisdom in your help in those decisions. Each of us are moving into new stages of life and family dynamics all of the time. Continuing doing everything as we always have before is not always going to work with the ever-changing seasons of life. That is why we are all in need of God’s wisdom to help us live life well and with His blessing on our lives for His glory through our lives. I beseech you therefore beloved, seek the Lord for His wisdom on your own behalf, on behalf of your family, and on behalf of your nation. We all need God’s wisdom desperately in the days ahead!