We Need Godly Fathers Raising Up Godly Fathers

As I mentioned in a recent sermon, God’s plan is the best plan and you cannot make the best plan better. Every study that I have heard of regarding the problems facing our society states that the number one contributing matter to the problems have consistently been absentee fathers, harmful fathers, or fatherless families. Dad’s carry a huge responsibility for the lives they bring into life and those they take responsibility for rearing. This is true because God said so in the Bible– not because research has come to the same conclusion. The world does want to admit what God has declared to be true even though their own studies also state the same truth. We men who have been blessed with children need to follow the instructions given in Scripture as to these principles of the role of fatherhood in which we all will be accountable to God. We need to see our children as the gift of God that they are and see ourselves as stewards of the lives God has entrusted into our care. These Proverbs that we will be reading from today, along with many other Scriptures, give us men plenty of information on what God wants us to be as men and specifically as fathers. God covers every detail of life and faith in His Word; it is critical that God’s people let God’s Word guide them in living life God’s way for God’s glory as we prepare for eternity. Children need a loving father and mother in their life. Children need the stability a present and engaged father is supposed to offer to them in life growing up. Children need to see the example of maturity and living responsibly by maintaining a job, paying bills, providing needs for family, and being involved in their life. If we are going to change the future for the better or even maintain the little semblance of normalcy we still have, then we must raise our children in the truth of God’s Word and have the support of a biblical church in which we are actively engaged. Dads and Granddads are vital to the success of family the way God designed it to be. Men, God wants to use you as part of His plan to prepare the next generation to bring Him glory in living life on earth. Be encouraged men; you matter and your influence matters to the well-being of society so make the most of the life you live in order to leave a legacy of your influence in the lives of others.