We Must Not Let Culture Define Us

We are living in strange time to be sure, but let me remind you of true history in the fact that we are not the first people to be living in strange times. When Christians in Rome under Nero were seen as the scourge of society and brutally persecuted for their faith because the establishment deemed it vulgar and ignorant compared the gods the Roman’s worshipped, it did not alter the majority of Christians. When their martyrdom was used for entertainment and people crowded in to watch Christians being torn to shreds and devoured by wild animals or slaughtered by gladiators, the Christians continued to believe and obey God and His Word. Even when Constantine decided to declare Rome a Christian nation and march his army through the river to baptize them all as Christians and blend the Roman polytheism with the principles of Christianity, the true believers were not deceived nor were they altered in their convictions about the true teachings of the Bible. Even in Europe when true believers were threatened with the loss of life if they did not conform to the established and approved government religion of various nations, they did not waver in their beliefs or practice of their purely biblical faith. They found ways to follow God and His Word faithfully even to the point of leaving their homeland to find freedom to honor God freely. We do not have a new land to go settle in, so it is imperative for God’s people to be a voice of righteousness in our nation as we are seeing it turn increasingly more wicked with each passing week. We must be a witness to the lost while we still can do so openly, because the day may come that we will be less free to do so-much like believers in Muslim nations today. I am shocked at how easily so many people have been controlled by the government without any objections by the vast majority due to a health crisis, and I am wondering how much further government control will be exercised in the days ahead under some other crisis that is either real, overblown, or completely made up. We are hearing politicians openly link Christians to what they call right winged domestic terrorists putting a target on the backs of true believers in Jesus Christ who are good citizens of their nation. The question is will this modern culture change us or will we seek to be used by God to change the culture with the truth of His Word. Will we shrink from identifying openly with God and His people and relegate our faith to hiding it behind closed doors? My friend, that is exactly what Satan wants and he is using secularist to achieve, but it is also what God and His Word has been challenging His people not to do all along. Let us all be faithful in the days ahead and not fearful.