Understanding Brings Success

If we want to succeed in a given profession or occupation, it is vital to have a good understanding of the business in order to be a help to that business and succeed in our role in that business. If we want to succeed in life and in our relationships, we need to have a good understanding of ourselves and what makes us tick so we can find fulfilment and satisfaction in life. Many people feel like the proverbial square peg trying to fit in a round hole in life, and part of the problem is they do not even realize they are square and the hole is not a match for them. Often, we frustrate ourselves and the people around us because we do not have a clear understanding of ourselves; therefore, we spend our time trying to do and be something we are not designed to be or do. This is why a true believer in Jesus Christ living in the sin of worldliness is the most miserable person ever. They are being and doing the opposite of who they were created in Christ to be and to do. They are living in the world they have been made new from; they are living in sin that they have been delivered from; they are still living as a child of Satan’s family when they have been adopted into the family of God; and they are living an unholy life when they have been given the holiness of God. And the thing that makes them most miserable, until they repent and get right, is that they also have God’s Spirit living in them convicting them and motivating them to not do what they are doing. Before they were saved, all they had to deal with was a guilty conscience, but now they have the Holy Spirit working on them as well. These are the reasons they are so miserable. If someone who says they are saved can live in a lifestyle of sinfulness and not be miserable over their sin before God, then they really need to look at the reality of their spiritual condition. The happiest Christians I know are true believers who walk with God and are growing in His grace and seeing His fruit produced in their lives as they serve Him in His work on earth with the gifts and abilities that He has given to them for His glory. Knowing who you are in Christ and how He has designed you for His glory is all about our spiritual identity and that is the heart of our theme, “I am because of I AM.” It is my prayer that we will all grow in our understanding of who we are so that we can effectively do what God wants us to do while we are here on earth, so we can enjoy and experience the satisfaction of fulfilment in this life and for eternity.