Twenty-One Years Ago Today

Much has transpired over the past twenty-one years. The children we arrived with have grown into adults, married, living for the Lord, and are having children of their own. We now have four more children who have been accepted and loved by this church family. Sadly, we have seen many people leave over the past twenty-one years. Some through graduating on up to glory to be with their Lord and Saviour and others who have moved away from us to other places and churches. Thankfully, we have also seen many people become a new part of this church family as well. We have had people join into our church family, and we have had many be born into God’s family and be baptized into our church family. The Lord has worked in many ways in the lives of people who have come and gone during the time they have been here with us in the Lord’s church here at Summerville. I am thankful that the Lord has also allowed us to give nearly three times the amount to missions that we were giving twenty-one years ago today. We are also supporting two times the numbers of missionaries monthly in twice as many locations and each missionary is receiving almost twice as much monthly support than they were twenty-one years ago. We have been through many church cleaning days, remolded the old building, and have been on a quest to raise funds to replace the annex on the south end of the property. We have knocked on thousands of doors together and saturated many more thousand in an effort to spread the Gospel here at home just like our missionaries are doing in other communities around the world. We have assembled in this house of worship nearly 3,300 times for worship and held 19 Bible Conferences up until this year when we had to cancel. We have hosted approximately 300 guest preachers, missionaries, and church planters to come here to present their ministry, giving each of them a love offering and most of them a fill up of fuel. We have endured many snow storms and this year a pandemic causing us to make adjustments on how we worship and do ministry, but we have still found ways to be obedient to our Lord and His Word. We have all grown older together and rejoiced over new life together both physically and spiritually; I praise God for all that He has accomplished in us and through us in twenty-one years in this place we call our church home. I do not know what the future holds for me and you do not for you, but we do know Who holds the future, and we all control the key to our own faithfulness to Him. No matter how much longer the Lord give us here together, may He find us faithful when we finish the course of life that He has set for us–just like many others who have gone before us.