True History

The birth of our nation was July 4, 1776, not August 14, 1619. Our nation was born with the signing of the Declaration of Independence that ushered in the American War of Independence. It was about freedom from the tyranny of taxation without representation and a King that was trying to control the people that had left his country for freedom. Our country was not birthed over slavery coming to this new land. The reality is that the true history of our nation is being corrupted because of anti-God activists who are succeeding in removing the influence of God from our nation’s history. At the Continental Congress there was great division over the Declaration of Independence, and it was Benjamin Franklin that called the men who were gathered to pray to the Almighty God for guidance, wisdom, and unity. After they spent time in prayer, God guided them to agreement and unity. Today, we need more Congressional Representatives who believe in the power of prayer and who seek the Lord personally for His direction. We need revival in our land, and it is up to God’s people to be the catalyst for the revival we need, as in every previous generation. It was the Great Awaking revival of New England in 1730s-1740s that paved the ways for the birth of a new nation under God in 1776. Today, we need another revival of God’s people acting like God’s people. We need God’s people turning from their sin unto their God. We need biblical churches filled with worshippers seeking the help of their God, instead of being distracted by the pleasures and entertainment of the world. We need God’s people choosing to honor and obey their God more and honor themselves and obey their fleshly desires less. We need true followers of Christ to truly follow Christ and not their own passions and lusts. If our nation is going to see revival, it must begin in the houses of biblical faith in our nation, not in the houses of government. God’s call to revival is always to His people first. When His people are serious about their faith in Him and live out the reality of their faith in front of the lost, then the lost are convicted and come to embrace the true faith of the Bible in Jesus Christ resulting in a great awakening of righteousness that changes a nation’s future. My question is do you believe revival is possible today? The sad fact is that too many Christians live and talk like it is not possible. My next question is are you praying for revival in our land? Because if you are not, it is sure not to happen. My final question is are you seeking to be a catalyst for revival in your own life with God?