This Week in History

This week following the resurrection for Jesus Christ, nearly two thousand years ago, Jesus was engaged in His “post resurrection” earthly ministry. For forty days He walked the earth and continued His ministry to prepare His followers for His departure back to Heaven, where He is making intercession for His followers even now. During this forty days of life on earth in His glorified state, one of the events that took place is recorded for us in John 21, and it happened on the shore of the Sea of Galilee, Sea of Tiberius, Lake of Gennesaret, Sea of Chinnereth or Cinneroth, all of which are the same place. The name of Galilee is designated for the northern region of Israel in which the Sea of Galilee is along the path of the Jordan river as it meanders down to the Dead Sea in Judea, which is the southern region of Israel. The Name Tiberius is for one of the cities on the western coast, and the other names are various language renderings of the name given to the lake because of its shape like a harp or lyre musical instrument. This is the region of the Holy Land in which Jesus spent most of His time and preformed many of His miracles. Much of the Gospel accounts are spent in this area of northern Israel. This is the place where Jesus grew up in Nazareth, where He began His earthy ministry and was baptized of John, where He did His first miracle and began to display who He was; and this is the place where He is ending His earthly ministry after His resurrection. It is this text of Scripture, in John 21, that we are going to focus our attention in the worship services this Lord’s Day. Nearly two thousand years ago this week, our Saviour was still trying to lead, guide, and provide for His followers, and I am thankful He is still doing that for us today even though He is not physically in our presence. Through His intercession, through the Spirit of God, through the Word of God, and through the family of God who make up the church of God in each different physical location; Jesus is still providing for His followers to help them have hope, peace, and confidence as they journey this earth in service and worship to His glory and as a witness to the lost around them. I pray that God will teach us all from this text of Scripture to help each of us do our part well in these days of uncertainty and challenge to influence others to trust Jesus as their own Saviour and display God’s glory on earth.