The Worship of Work

Labor Day was established as a holiday in recognition of work and workers by Congress on June 28, 1884. Work and workers are part of what has built America and made it great over the years of our history. Work is truly something that should be celebrated, and it is part of God’s design for His creation. In Genesis 2, the Bible declares that God Himself worked six days in creating all in the universe before He rested. And in the same chapter, we see God giving Adam a job after He created him before he fell in sin in chapter 3. God placed Adam in the garden He had created and gave him a job description to dress and keep the garden and enjoy the benefit of the fruit of the garden for food to eat. Work is a good thing, and it is part of how God has created us to find fulfillment and to honor Him. We glorify God when we do the things that He has created us to do. Worship is all about bringing glory to God that He deserves. God designed humans with abilities, intelligence, and skills that He gave them in order to do work, provide for themselves, and serve Him to do His will on earth. Our work and ministry are ways we can use what He has given to us to bring Him glory, bless others, and accomplish wonderful things in our lives. Work is not the effect of the fall of man in sin; the ability to work is a gift God has given to us and an opportunity for us to be productive in bringing Him glory. Our ethic in work, our use of our productivity to meet our needs, and our work to add to our society to help our fellowman is part of how God has created us to serve Him for His glory. Our work place is a mission field and our work ethic is part of our witness to our co-workers. Part of what has made America great over the years is that it is a land of opportunity. The freedoms we have as Americans to work hard and improve our situation in life is part of what makes America a place where people want to come to enjoy these freedoms. Other nations with other forms of government and economies do not offer these freedoms nor opportunities to use your God given abilities to achieve your own success to God’s glory. Other nations, governments, and economic systems restrict people’s ability to work hard to get ahead in life and meet their own needs.