“The Word of the Lord Came Unto Me”

In any biblical church, and in every Baptist Church that is truly following the distinctives of what the term “Baptist” signifies, the Bible is held in the highest regards as the final authority for what we believe, why we believe it, and how we practice what we believe. It is one thing to have that stated as fact in a churches documents of faith articling the truths that define them as a church, but it is another thing entirely to actually function with that truth in real life and the functioning of daily ministry. Far too many churches, in general and even some Baptist churches specifically, have abandoned the authority of Scripture in what they believe, how they practice their beliefs, and even their ministry purpose and focus as a church. It is paramount that the membership of Summerville Baptist Church never allows anyone to influence His church here away from the authority of Scripture. The direction of any church is set as much by the membership of the church as it is by the pastor and leadership of that church. The members of this church must do their part individually to help keep their church and ministry obedient to our God and Saviour by being guided by His Word and Spirit. This is why carnality and worldliness in the church by way of the influence of its members or leadership is so detrimental to a church’s future as being a biblical church. As we navigate through these troublesome times it is critical for us all to be students of God’s Word so we do not allow fear to dominate us but rather faith to direct us. The title above is found 46 times in God’s Word and in other variations of the same fact hundreds of times. It is the declaration of the prophets that were used of God to record His Word for us, and it is the passion of all those who were used to keep it pure in transmission and translation in the King James Version unto us today. If we believe the Bible to still be God’s Word, then reading it should not be a chore but rather a delight. If we delight in reading it, then we will discover pertinent truths that are extremely relevant to everyday living and the unfolding of prophetic events currently as well. Don’t be so obsessed with the ever-changing details of COVID-19 that you miss the significant details of the peace talks taking place in the Middle East and how they help us see God’s timeline of future events lapsing before our eyes. As you get irritated with the unbelievable chaos in the streets and in politics currently, don’t forget the Bible tells us in the last days there will be perilous times. The more we know of God’s Word the more prepared we are for life and eternity.