The Word of God

This phrase is used forty-six times in the Bible. God is declaring the Holy Scriptures to be His Word, given by Him to us, because He wants to make Himself known unto us so we can enjoy a personal intimate relationship with Him eternally. The Word of God is living and life giving to all who will allow it to create faith in them to believe in the Lord according to Hebrews 4:12 and Romans 10:17. The Word of God lets us know what only God knows about the origin of life and the creation of everything in the universe by the power of God Himself according to Hebrews 11:3. According to I Peter 1:23, we see that it is the Word of God that is eternal because the One who gave it is eternal; it is incorruptible because the One who gave it is sinless and without corruption. Also, according to this verse, it is the Word of God that gives the understanding to be “born again” and this verse also declares it “liveth and abideth forever.” So, we see that God declares His Word is eternal and, therefore, it will remain forever without error, without corruption, pure, and accurately true. Even with some people trying to alter, change, and adjust the Word of God, God has promised and is powerful enough to preserve His Word pure and perfect for every generation. It is incredibly detrimental to us all to be ignorant of what God has to say to us in His Word. The Word of God is where we gain God’s wisdom and where we find God’s truth; therefore, it is imperative for us to benefit personally from the Word of God by spending time in it and learning from it. We who have the Word of God in our own language need to be thankful and faithfully utilizing it for our own benefit, sharing it with others for their benefit, and helping to make it available to those who do not have it. I am thankful that in recent decisions by our church family, we have expanded our support of new ministries that are focused on this very issue. First Bible International, Bible and Literature Missionary Foundation, and Lighthouse Baptist Press are all ministries that are dedicated to getting the Word of God to people in foreign countries who either do not have the Bible in their language or would never be able to afford to own a copy of it if they wanted one. If this or any church is going to be a biblical church, then we must keep our emphasis on the proclamation of the Word of God, our own accurate understanding of the Word of God, and the propagation of the Word of God to others.