The Value of Friendship

Last week I wrote about being wealthy by having many healthy relationships. One of the greatest riches to have in life is good, godly, genuine friends. According to the Bible and the reality of life, our friends can make us better or bitter people. The right kind of friends can build us up to be our best or draw us down to be our worst. God has much to say about being and having friends. Friendship is a great gift that God can bless us with or a curse that Satan uses to bring us into his destruction of our lives. According to God’s Word, the best friend to have is the same person to follow in being the best kind of friend. That is Jesus! He is the best friend anyone could ever have; therefore, His example of being a friend is the best model for us to examine the kind of friend we are to others. Jesus is a faithful friend who sticks with us through good and bad times. He is also an honest friend who is willing to tell us the truth, lovingly, even if it hurts to hear it. Jesus is a friend that willingly laid down His benefits, comforts, and life for us over Himself. Jesus is a friend who desires to do for us what we are unable to do for ourselves by forgiving us of our sinfulness. Jesus is a friend that desires to share His eternal inheritance with us generously. Jesus is a friend who loves us graciously first, even before we reciprocate back to Him. If you have these qualities in a friend or in several friends, then count yourself wealthy and blessed. Many people go through their entire lives without even one friend that meets even a few of these qualities. I have been blessed in every place I have called home to have at least one person in my life that was a true friend meeting many, if not all, of these characteristics. Here in this room today, I am blessed to have genuine friends who add quality to my life and help me be a better me for God’s glory. The next question is a bit harder to answer and evaluate, which is, how are each of us individually doing at being a biblical, Jesus type friend to those with whom we have relationships with currently? Some here today might be tempted to bemoan the fact that they do not feel as though they have a friend such as this, but I want to challenge you to purpose in your heart today to be this kind of friend to others for God’s glory in our lives. One of the first things we can do in being this kind of friend is making sure we introduce the people we call friends to the best Friend they could ever have by trusting Jesus as their personal Saviour.