The Unchanging Steadfast God

It is interesting to see religions change in their core beliefs and alter their positions on truth. Recently, I saw in the news about various religions holding meetings about their positions on issues in our society. One religion, calling itself the truth church, altered its position on sexuality from its long held biblical, moral, and conservative view to a more socially diverse position to reflect the changes in the people in our current society. This same religion decades ago changed its unbiblical and immoral position that had been held from its beginning in regard to people of color having a soul and being redeemable. Another worldwide denomination, also calling itself the true church, recently held a widely publicized meeting trying to correct immoral sexual behaviors amongst some in its clergy amidst many lawsuits pressuring them to address this issue. The Bible they say they believe has all long condemned such behavior and clearly stated how the sin should have been being addressed. Instead the church leaders had previously been choosing not to follow biblical principles but rather quietly send the accused person to another position instead of dealing with the sin when and where it took place. And still another worldwide denomination, which historically views itself as being a new and improved model of one of those earlier mentioned self-proclaimed true churches, also met this year to discuss its position on the issue of our society’s ever changing view of sexuality and changing their official position on what they think their beliefs may be altered to reflect society’s change. And then there is a religion in the East that is very popular here in the West (with its teaching of meditation in search of inner peace which actually opens your soul to spirits) that is more than willing to add any other form of deity to its vast and growing collection of 300 million gods that are available to its followers to worship. My point is how things that are foundational beliefs in a faith system are ever up to debate and change based on the ideas of men. Why is this? Well, my thought is that if they are founded by changing humans, based on books from changing humans, directed by changing humans, then it is okay for changing humans to change them. However, when it comes to the true, living, eternal, all powerful God and the beliefs He has articulated in His Word for His followers, I see something very different. I see a reality of truth that never changes, and humans are told not to change it or alter it, but rather to let that God and His Word change them. I still believe in the unchanging God of eternity that has given us His eternal Word to believe, but never change.