The Sufficiency of Scripture

God has given us all that we need to be all that He can help and enable us to be for His glory. God’s grace is sufficient to meet our every need to be right with God relationally. God’s Word is sufficient for truth about ourselves, about Himself, and about how to live best while here on earth. God’s love is sufficient for us to find fulfillment, belonging, and eternal life. God’s love is also sufficient for our human relationships, as well as for own personal emotional health. God’s Word gives us what we need to understand the causes of our worst problems in society, as well as the solutions to them. God’s Word is sufficient to help us to know our Creator and to live in a right relationship with Him while here on earth and for eternity. God’s Word is sufficient for much of the issue of COVID-19 as well. In the Old Testament, God gave several commands to His people that were related to basic health, sanitation, personal hygiene, and handling infectious diseases. Each of the mandates that have been given by the federal government are included in various forms in these commands except for the concern over social distancing. When it comes to the matter of social distancing, we have seen how serious the government is about that with the lack of enforcement and even the support of the protests that more often than not are turning into riots. God’s Word is sufficient when it comes to each one of the social issues that are creating challenges for our nation and society. Our nation began with a healthy fear of God and respect for His Word, and we would do well to get back to that very matter in the days ahead. The Bible still says in Proverbs 14:34 “Righteousness exalteth a nation: but sin is a reproach to any people.” And we need more people living in and in accordance to the righteousness of God in our nation. We need more of God’s people being a righteous influence in government and the political process. From voting to running for public office, we need God’s people to be a godly influence in our government if we want our government to be steered in a better direction for God’s blessing on our nation, state, and our community.