The Significance of Women

Anyone that thinks that the Bible and Biblical Christianity is belittling toward women either has not read the New Testament or is ignorant of the Middle Eastern cultures of the Bible times or our current day. When Jesus made some of His declarations about women, marriage, and how men treat women; He was being very counter cultural in His day. His words were revolutionary in regard to the respect of and care for women for His time in history and for the past before His time. In our current age of time, we see that when Biblical Christianity comes to an area of the world it changes the culture in a better way regarding the treatment of and respect for women in that culture. The sad reality is that the Bible and Biblical Christianity gets some bad representation by people who twist Scriptures, take them out of context, or cherry-pick individual Scriptures to suit their agenda instead of looking at the whole of Scripture. I have heard some men quote verses about a “contentious woman” to try to paint themselves in a better light appearing as the victim in a difficult marriage. But they totally ignore that the Bible uses the description of “contentious” as many times with men as it does with women. And we all know that a man can be contentious just as much as any woman can be. I also think it is interesting that some men want to focus on the “strange woman” that is used in Proverbs in reference to sexual immorality as to some impression that women are more guilty in the sexual failure of our society. But they fail to bring up the fact that a female personification is also used to present to the reality of the wisdom of God being offered to mankind in the book of Proverbs. Even in Proverbs 2, the wisdom of God is presented as a woman and in that very passage, it is stated that she would deliver the recipient of it from the “strange woman” in verses 16-19, but also the “evil man” in verses 12-15. The point is that the Bible is not anti-woman or anti-man, but rather it is positive for both men and women to live as God designed them to live in relationship with Him and each other as He has made possible. The best life any man or woman can live is the life God intended them to live. The best mother a woman can be is the mother living out the principles of Scripture in her home and in her relationships. It is also truth that the best child any of us can be towards our mother is the one that is following the principles of God’s Word as well. We must let God’s Word be God’s Word in our lives and not let the bad use of it by others change our benefit of it. Bless the women in your life to God’s glory. Happy Mother’s Day!