The Service of Love

The month of May is a month of memorials recognizing and remembering the people who have sacrificed themselves in the service of love for their fellow man. Tomorrow, we remember those who have given the ultimate sacrifice in military service for the protection and spread of freedom in the service of love for their fellow man. Today, we remember and recognize our great God and Saviour who also made the ultimate sacrifice in the eternal service of His fellow man that He also created in His own image. Jesus left Heaven and came to earth in human form to die for the sins of the people He created and who sinned against Him. However, in His love, mercy, and grace; through His death, burial, and resurrection; He made it possible for any of us to trust in Him to be our Saviour and to redeem the debt of our sin against Him. He gave the ultimate sacrifice for us in the greatest service of love ever rendered. A couple of weeks ago we recognized and remembered those who have given their lives in the line of duty as peace officers in our nation. This past week, in our Law Enforcement Prayer Meeting, we recognized and remembered the 134 law enforcement servants who have died in the line of service just this year by reading each of their names in honor of their sacrifice in service of love for their fellow man. God wants His children to understand the satisfaction of obedience and honor to Him in following His example of the service of love. God wants true believers in His Son to display His love in our lives in serving our fellow man and making a difference in our world while we are here on earth. He wants us to lay down our lives by making the lives of others valuable to us by blessing them practically and eternally. God wants us to lay down our lives by lifting up His name and sharing His truth with others so they can know Him and live eternally with Him by trusting in Him. Let us exhibit the service of love as we live our lives in the days ahead.