The Power of Prayer

It is amazing to me how many professing Christians that I have known over the years of ministry are skeptical about the reality of prayer. They do it only because they know the Bible says to, but they do it half heartily and haphazardly because they do not really believe it matters in the grand scheme of things. The sad reality is that prayer done this way is completely ineffective according to James 1:5-8, and they are participating in an effort of futility due to their lack of faith being added into their practice of obedience. However, I am blessed to see true believers that truly believe in the God of the Bible and the truths He reveals about Himself in His Holy Word. I am refreshed to see believers who simply take God at His Word and believe what He promises in regard to praying in faith. I am refreshed to see believers who pray for their will to be the same as God’s will for them but desire His will to be done in their life even if it is not the same as their will. I love to see believers who pray for God to most of all bring Himself glory in His answering of their prayers and use it to display His power and majesty in how He answers their prayers. It blesses me when God’s children are willing to let God be God in their life even when His answer to their prayer is not the same as what they were hoping for, and they don’t get an attitude with God because He did not meet up to their expectations. It is exciting to see believers actually put God’s Word into practice when it comes to expectations in life and prayer by following the direction in Psalm 62:5-8. They actually let God give them what should to expect and wait on Him to give it to them, so they do not get disappointed so often. We need to truly understand prayer from what God says in His Word and not from the popular books that men write on the subject. Prayer is not a “quick fix” to getting out of a jam in life. It is not a “genie in a bottle” solution to our dreams coming true. It is not turning God into a “bell hop” to meet our every need. It is more like worshipfully admitting our need of God and our faith in God to intervene in our life to accomplish His will and glory in our situation at hand. Today, in our worship services, we are going to learn more about the biblical truth on this topic of prayer and then in the afternoon we will give praise to God for His answers to our prayers. I trust you will be blessed by this whole day of worship and fellowship together.