The Mission of the Church

For many believers in many churches, the problem of obedience in the Great Commission in one of theology and philosophy. To many Christians today see involvement in the Great Commission as a secondary matter rather than a primary one. They see a mission’s program as a ministry of the church that is added on and not essential, rather than seeing the church as God’s’ program for missions. They see their evangelistic efforts as a nonessential in their obedience to Christ rather than seeing it as primary ingredient in their overall worship of Him in spirit and in truth as Jesus detailed in John 4 to the woman at the well in Samaria after He said “I must needs go through Samaria.” If Jesus uses words like “must” and “needs” in reference to taking the saving message of His Gospel to one lost woman, then shouldn’t we have the same passion and priority if we are truly going to be His followers? The sermons last Sunday morning and night from Evangelist Tim Schmidt of where we are as Christians and churches today is so accurate. Our obedience to God is our greatest hindrance in revival and the outflow of His power and our honest confession of our sin is our great hurdle to our obedience. If we would get brutally honest with ourselves by really listening to the Holy Spirit reveal what He sees in us, we would begin to realize how far we are from where God wants us to be in our relationship with Him and in His use of our lives for His glory. As Bro. Sommerdorf, in our Fall revival services, so aptly declared about American churches today, we are too preoccupied with our own affairs and too apathetic to take the needed step to change it. If any church or any Christian is going to be biblical and obedient to our Lord, then we must be actively engaged in the Great Commission with us going with the Gospel where we are and us giving to others to take the Gospel to the uttermost part of the earth simultaneously. Today we have a young family going to Mexico and they are in need of churches and Christians to partner with them to help them go, but they also want those same churches and Christians to be spreading the Gospel where they are as well. Our Missionaries need obedient Christians and churches praying for them who are being heard by God because of their obedience to the Great Commission in their own lives. The Great Commission obedience is truly a team effort of Missionaries, Churches, and Christians are doing their part in obedience to their Saviour to impact the whole world.