“The Light of the World is Jesus!”

I love Christmas lights. I love bright white lights on the tree, colored lights on and inside the house, and icicle lights hanging from the roof line of the house. I enjoy putting them out except for when they don’t want to work; but when the job is done and they are all lit up, I am very satisfied indeed. Through the years, I have had several of my children join me in this endeavor, and I have been greatly satisfied by their interest and involvement in this tradition of mine. I was visiting Mrs. Charlton this week and she shard how she enjoyed just sitting and gazing at her Christmas lights as well. They truly are mesmerizing to look upon. I am not sure why other people put up and enjoy Christmas lights as part of their Christmas festivities, but for me it is all about “the true Light, which lighteth every man that cometh into the world.” As recorded by John in his Gospel record 1:9 in reference to Jesus as the light of the world. Lights are an appropriate way to remember the coming of Jesus to be the Light to show us our sinfulness and our desperate need of God’s righteousness in our hearts and lives through faith in His Son as our Saviour to cleanse us of our sins. Light dispels darkness and the shepherds were definitely astonished by that in the fields outside of Bethlehem when the angelic host declared the birth of the Light of the world coming to be the Saviour, Christ the Lord. There is light all through the Christmas narrative recorded for us in Scripture, as well as throughout the life of Christ on earth  in the Gospel records. The light of the truth of the Word of God about the Light that came into the darkness of this sin cursed earth to shine in the darkened hearts of sinful men, women, and children is necessary for any one of us sinners to come to faith in Jesus Christ as our Saviour. So, let me encourage you this Christmas season and for each one to follow, use the displays of Christmas lights that you see in and on the homes of your friends and loved ones to turn your conversations with them toward a presentation of the Gospel message about the true Light, so He can light up their life with His life for all of eternity.