“The Hunt!”

To succeed in any kind of hunt, you must persevere regardless of obstacles and hindrances. We often hunt for things and not succeed in finding them; however, if we give up due to our lack of success we will never succeed. If we are going to be successful in our hunts, we must be steadfast, pressing on in our hunt. In the Resurrection Narrative recorded in Scripture, we see several hunts being portrayed and achieving success. We see the hunt of the women going to find the body of Jesus although it is not found where they went to search. We also see the hunt of the disciples for the explanation of the missing body of Jesus being achieved when Jesus presents Himself to them in His resurrected body. We also see failure in the effort of the powers that be in their hunt to destroy and abolish Jesus and His message once and for all. But most of all, we see complete success in Jesus’ hunt in fulfilling the will of the Father and achieving redemption’s plan for mankind to receive forgiveness of sin and eternal life by faith in Jesus Christ as their personal Saviour. God desires you to experience similar successes in your hunt of being in a right relationship with Him. The religions of the world will not help you find success in this hunt of eternal life with God in Heaven; in fact, many of them will lead you astray and even deceive you from ever succeeding if you follow them. However, the clear Word of God and His true churches that seek to follow His Word purely and singularly can guide you in your hunt of a real, intimate, personal, and eternal relationship with the Creator God of Heaven. We hope that God will use His church here in this place to be a help in your life not only today, but in the days ahead as well. Please let the message today about The Hunt of God for you bless you, encourage you, and even challenge you in your understanding of a personal relationship with your Creator.