The Hope for Our Future

The hope for the future of our nation, our churches, our families, and our world is found in the next generation. We must raise our own children to be responsible people who work for a living, add positively to their community, and are engaged in political decisions. Our hope for the future is in those who will be influences in the future on the future generations. The hope of our future is in this group of children, teens, and young adults growing up to have a heart for God and letting His Word guide them in their views on issues. When I speak to young people in any setting, I am excited about the potential of the minds that I am being allowed to influence with truth. This group of young adults with us today are students of Crown College and are willing to pay extra for the opportunity to receive their education here in the Pacific Northwest at the extension of their college at the Passage Northwest in Heron, MT. They are a big part of the hope for our future nation, families, and churches. We need young people who will use the gifts God has blessed them with in their intelligence, their natural talents, and their physical abilities for the glory of God in the public arena of life. We have to train the next generation to take their faith out of the church and out of their place of personal worship into the world of school, career, and relationships, so it can have a counter cultural impact on society. We cannot just sit quietly by and let the anarchists and fascists use their propaganda to influence society. We must use the truth of God’s Word being lived out and spoken out in public to be an influence on society as well. There is hope for the future! There is hope for America! There is hope for a better tomorrow! The hope is in God’s people being the influence of righteousness that God has called us to be in His Word in every generation. The problem is that too many of God’s people have not been being obedient to His will for too long and now we are in the mess we are in. Daniel was an influence of righteousness in the pagan land he was taken to as a young man and he became a statesman and a political influence for God’s glory in a pagan society, because he lived by the convictions of God’s truth because it is truly what he believed for himself without his parents or his church family support. We have too many young people who are calling themselves children of God, but they are more interested what the world has to offer than they are about living for God’s glory and being an influence of righteousness on their world.