The Future is Looking Good

I am very encouraged by many of the things that I see in our future. We have enjoyed several sermons over the past few weeks by young men who, for the most part, grew up right here at Summerville Baptist Church. Tonight, we will hear another message by one of those fellas with Micah Flippo preaching for us before heading back to finish his last semester of college. I realize that there is much for us to be discouraged about as we look at the current condition of our society and those of our youth coming up to lead it in the future, but please don’t miss the encouragement of many who give us hope for the future. Our ministry is blessed by several young adults who are stepping into ministry roles that have been turned over to them by older adults who faithfully served for decades. I realize we need to pray for more young adults to become more faithful in their attendance and to mature in their ability to serve, but I am very encouraged by those who are already. I am thankful for every servant of God that has been willing to be used of the Lord to bring this ministry of His along to where it is and I am also thankful for those who will lead into the future. I am blessed for the years the Lord has allowed me to serve as the shepherd of this flock of believers; I am excited about the years He may still allow me to serve, but I am also praying for the Lord to provide the right person whom He will use to lead it after my time here is done. I still have many things that I would like to see the Lord achieve during my time of service here that we have not yet accomplished, so I am trusting God to give me enough time to see more dreams come to fruition. Every one of us who make up this church family have influence on the future of this church body and the Lord’s blessings on His church here now and into the future. That is exactly why I am calling us to Seek the Lord now! Now is the time to seriously Seek the Lord for His direction and will for the future of our lives, our church body, and our nation. It is time to Seek the Lord and make a difference to improve the future for ourselves and for others. I am thankful for all of the achievements of the past and recent history of the Lord’s church here at Summerville, but it is time for more of God’s people to be faithfully Seeking Him in corporate worship, in consistent giving to God’s work here and beyond, to serving with the gifts He has entrusted into their stewarding, and in engaging themselves in taking an active role in the Great Commission given to us by our Lord. It is time to take steps to better prepare yourself for your own accountability to your Creator.

It is TIME to SEEK the LORD!