The Fear of the Lord

As we discovered last week when we began our journey of a new year, a new ministry theme, and a new sermon series; “the fear of the Lord” is essential to “abiding satisfied” in life here on earth. Being satisfied in eternity in heaven will be effortless and automatic to everyone there, following the final judgement when God wipes away all tears and there is no more crying for all of eternity. However, for the lost in hell, there will never be anything that will ever even come close to the experience of being satisfied for all of eternity. But God wants us to enjoy being satisfied with Him while we are here on earth even before we experience Him completely in Heaven. Today, we are going to take a glance at this vast subject dealt with in God’s Word of “the fear of the Lord” and later in the year we will examine it in more detail. But our theme verse makes it very clear that being “satisfied” and staying that way is not a realistic hope, according to God’s perspective, without this key and essential ingredient of “the fear of the Lord”. My prayer is that each one that hears this message will take what is given in it and dig a little deeper on their own in the days ahead to see what God has to say in His Word about this essential aspect of our experience of being “satisfied” in life.  I do not know a living soul on earth that does not want to be “satisfied” in life. In fact, people are destroying their lives with a myriad of self-induced addictions in search of being “satisfied” in life to find that their efforts are anti-productive. Instead of finding contentment and satisfaction, they find themselves completely unsatisfied, unfulfilled, unhappy, and wanting more of what they have caused their body to crave. The fear of the Lord will help to live life in a way that brings us to and fosters the experience of being “satisfied” in life. The fear of the Lord will help us to avoid behaviors that produce dissatisfaction and will motivate us in behaviors that causes us to be “satisfied”. Let God speak to you from His Word in worship today and let Him grow us each in living life in the fear of the Lord so that we can enjoy to reality of being “satisfied” in life.