The Blessing of Grandparents

I am thankful for the investment my grandparents had into invest my life. My grandmother Bradshaw helped me greatly with my reading struggles, as a youngster and my grandfather Bradshaw gave me an appreciation for plants, as well as the enjoyment of his stories about his world travels and adventures. My grandpa Humber taught me how to drive, the little I know about cars, and a bit about having a garden. My grandma Humber taught me what a switch was for and the value of caring for family. She also made the most amazing biscuits. Grandparents can have an incredible impact on the lives of grandchildren in practical ways, as well as spiritually. My grandpa Humber and his father-in-law, great grandpa Nichols, were long time pillars in the little, country Baptist church in Centerville, MS. I have been blessed greatly by the grandparents in my life, and now I am being blessed by being a grandparent myself. I am very thankful for the seven grandchildren that we currently have and two more on the way in the next several months. This week I found out that I am honored to have one of them going to be given my middle name. God’s design of the family in generational relationships is a wonderful thing indeed. As God gave the Psalmist to declare about His design in Psalm 68:6a “God setteth the solitary in families:”, we give Him praise for families that are united in relationship here on earth. However, we know that sin and rebellion can hinder the fellowship within those relationships both physically and spiritually. What a blessing to know that our fellowship with family members can continue into eternity for all those within a family who call upon the name of the Lord as Saviour in true faith based upon the Gospel of Christ in the Word God. It is also a wonderful thing to have spiritual children that will spend eternity with us in Heaven with our Lord. As you introduce another sinner to Jesus and His message of forgiveness of sin based on the truth of God’s Word and they embrace the Gospel of Jesus Christ for the redemption of their sins, then they are born into the family God and you helped facilitate that process.