Thanksgiving to God for the Incarnation

We just spent extra time this past week thinking about our blessings and worshipping God with thanksgiving and praise for His goodness to us. As we enter December and head to more holiday festivities, we are reminded of another great blessing from God for which we should be thankful- the Incarnation of Jesus as a babe in a manger to be our Christ, our Saviour, and our Redeemer. The fact that God would send His Son to be the Saviour of the world is something to be thankful for to be sure. The fact that Jesus would be willing to set aside His glories in Heaven to come in human form as described in Philippians 2 and John 1 is an amazing truth of Scripture. Without the Incarnation, Jesus could not die in our place because He is eternal Deity. Without the Incarnation, Jesus could not fulfill the prophecies about Messiah in order to be our Saviour. Without the Incarnation, Jesus could not be our kinsman Redeemer as one like unto us. Without the Incarnation, Jesus could not be our sacrifice for our sins and our substitute payment for our sins unto God the Father. The Incarnation is a Fundamental Doctrine in the Orthodox Christian Faith, and the virgin birth of Jesus in the Incarnation taking place is a Fundamental truth in this Bible Doctrine. If you alter the Doctrine of the Incarnation of Christ in any detail, then you no longer have the Orthodox, Biblical Christian Faith. It is foundational to what the Bible teaches about who Jesus is. The fact of Jesus being as the Bible declares Him to be is also foundational to what Jesus came to do in the Redemptive plan of God to cleanse sinners of sin and remove the curse of sin from them in Salvation. If you change any of the base elements of doctrinal truth in the Christian Faith, then you no longer have the Christian Faith, but rather a faith made up by men instead of designed by God. This is the reality of much of religion today in that it is man’s rendition of what God has designed. This is also the mess we are in as a society as man alters many things that God has designed and declared to be so in His Word. Today in our Lord’s Day celebration, I pray that each worshipper will express thanksgiving to our God for the truth fulfilled and the reality we benefit from in the Incarnation of Christ as our Saviour as we move toward the Incarnation Celebration commonly known as Christmas.