Thankfulness for Messiah!

This is my favorite time of the year. I love the holiday season, beginning with Thanksgiving all the way into New Years. I love the fact that Thanksgiving is the beginning of this holiday season, because it is a great introduction to the incarnation of Jesus Christ, for whom every believer should be most thankful. Another reason I love the holiday season is the worshipfulness of each of them. Thanksgiving was established as a time of giving thanks to our Creator for His blessings on our lives and our nation. It is a very Christian and very American holiday. It has its roots in the celebration of the Pilgrims after the completion of their first year in the New World and the ending of their first harvest of crops in their new home. Christmas also is a very Christian focused holiday in that it is the celebration of the Incarnation of Jesus. God being manifested in the flesh in Jesus coming in human form as Christ who is Messiah to be our Saviour. Jesus became flesh in order to be the Lamb of God who is able to take away our sin in His sacrifice for sin on the cross and His subsequent victory over eternal death, the bondage of sin, and the grave being our physical end. Christmas is a very worshipful holiday as having Jesus as its focal point and, therefore, our observance of it should be duly exalting of Him for who He is and why He came. Jesus is the gift of God the Father to mankind to present Him as the only means available to enjoy and experience God’s presence with mankind on earth and in heaven eternally. If God had not sent His Son to be the Saviour offered to the world, no person would be able to experience God’s presence in their life personally here on earth, nor would anyone have any hope of being with God in eternity. This is the original and the greatest Christmas present ever given. It also has the purest motivation for giving any gift in that God gave us His Son because of His love for mankind. It also involved the highest price paid for any gift in that Jesus leaving heaven meant that He would be going to the cross to take our place of death for sin. Since He had no sin of His own, therefore His death on the cross was a substitutionary payment for the sin of any and every person that will receive His payment for their sin by faith in Him as their personal Saviour. This gift offered to mankind by the Godhead must be personally received by each person for their own payment of their own sins by the personal exercise of their own faith in Jesus Christ as the Messiah sent from God to be the Saviour. Let us all keep Christmas as the focus of our Christmas festivities and keep it the worshipful holiday it was intended to be.