Thankfulness for Messiah

We just enjoyed thanksgiving, and now we are headed in to our celebration of the coming of Messiah in the Christmas season. Christmas should be a cause for us to give thanks unto the Lord God Almighty. We celebrate Christmas because God fulfilled the promises He gave about sending His own provision of Himself in His only begotten Son, Jesus Christ, to be the Saviour of the world by being the sacrifice for sin. When we think of Christ, we must think of all the Old Testaments prophecies that are fulfilled in the birth, life, death, and resurrection of Jesus. Hundreds of prophecies given in the Old Testament, many of them over a thousand years before Jesus’ birth, were fulfilled by Jesus. The chances of all those prophecies being fulfilled by one person being an accident are mathematically impossible. Jesus is either who the Bible declares Him to be or He is the biggest liar, charlatan, and deceiver every to walk the face of the earth. However, He is none of that because every attack on Him and His Word has been disproven. He is truly God who came in human form in order to die for man’s sin so whosever will believe on Him will not be condemned but will have eternal life with Him. Our thankfulness of all that Jesus means and makes possible for us in Salvation should drive us to worship and adore Him with our utmost passion and devotion. It should compel us to want to worship Him and serve Him faithfully forever. It should motivate us to tell others about Him and help others go tell about Him in other places. It should cause us to be generous with our time, talents, and treasures using them for His glory and not our own. It should produce a life of thankfulness in every recipient for each and every day of their lives on earth and in eternity. Thankfulness should be more than a holiday feast for the child of God who has benefited from His Messiah. It should be our life, our identity, and our calling.