Thankfulness for God’s Promises

I trust you had a wonderful Thanksgiving celebration this past week. I know I did with our family and church family, which brought me many blessings. Last Sunday was a wonderful Lord’s Day, all day long, with many of God’s people here together for the morning services, lunch, and the afternoon service. Then, many gathered together once again on Tuesday evening, in God’s house, to give praise and thanksgiving to our God for many of His blessings upon our lives. We spent the evening in songs of praise, testimonies of thanksgiving, and the instruction of Psalm 107. It was truly a delightful part of our Thanksgiving celebration. One of the things given thanks for in these services, and in many of our personal celebrations, is the promises of God recorded for us in His Word. God has blessed us eternally through inspiring and preserving the truths of His eternal Word. God’s Word helps us understand our sinful condition as well as His redemptive plan to cleanse us of our sins. God’s Word helps us understand the origin of all things recorded by the only eyewitness of these events, the Creator God. God also gives us truth to understand things to be prepared for and anticipate in the future. The message this morning deals with the past, present, and future, explained in God’s Word, to help us in our understanding and peace. Tonight, I am excited to hear from Micah Flippo who is home from college to visit and serve with us here at home during his winter break. I hope you will come back to be part of our evening worship service and enjoy the message God has put on his heart for us from His Word. Please remember to be praying for the recommendation from the leadership to the church family in regards to taking on a church planter coming to Oregon, Ben Cooley, and Hope Children’s Home in Clovis, NM for monthly support as part of our world mission team. I praise the Lord that as of last Sunday we are making progress in the commitments to faith missions giving in the coming year. I hope that any who have not returned a response card will do so today to help make even more progress in our faith missions giving. God is still working in his church here at Summerville which I am very thankful and give Him all the praise and glory for. Thank you for letting Him use you in this place.