Thankful No Matter What!

In the fall of 1621, the pilgrims, living in the first colony under the Mayflower Compact, shared a harvest meal together with the native people who had helped them learn how to survive and live off the land in their new home. They were very thankful for the success of their harvest. They were thankful for their new friends who had helped them learn about their new surroundings, the fruits and vegetables that would grow, and how to grow them. However, their thankfulness was not determined by their lack of trials or troubles. Before landing in their new home on November 11, 1620, during their journey across the Atlantic Ocean that lasted over two months, most of the 102 passengers struggled with severe sickness and one even died. During their first year in their new home almost half of those who made it to the new land had died from various sicknesses, some due to lack of protection from the winter weather. Far too often we fail to be thankful when things are going poorly for us as we struggle through trials because our focus is on the negative things of life. Even after all of the trials and challenges the pilgrims had in their first year, they had much for which to give thanks. Today, over four hundred years later, we also have much to be thankful for if we will get our eyes off of the negative things of life and get them onto the goodness of God. The pilgrims came here to worship God freely, and they were doing that. They came here to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ with the native people and they were doing that. They came here because they believed it was the will of God for the glory of God, and they were thankful for doing that. Over the past year, we have all experienced disappointments, suffered losses, and even traversed trials; yet we still have much to be thankful for to God. Just to know we have our sins forgiven forever in Christ and an eternal home in Heaven with our Creator is plenty to offer thanksgiving for to God because He makes it all possible. The fact that we are living in freedom still and have the ability to enjoy many good things, both of which most of the world’s population have no expectation of achieving, is worthy of thanksgiving. If we take the time to look at the blessings of God in our lives, we can find much to be thankful for even though we also have struggles as well.