Thankful for the Years

Even though 2020 has had many challenges to be sure, I am thankful for many blessings that we have to celebrate in this year of difficulties. God has blessed families in our church with new life of little ones born this year for which we give thanks indeed. Our family has also been blessed with new life that is expected to arrive in the early months of next year, and we give thanks to God for His gift of life for them as well. Truly, we have all faced new challenges this year no doubt, but we have also experienced God’s sufficiency in new ways because of how He has helped us through these new and unique challenges. Today marks the final Lord’s Day of 2020, and I trust that over the past fifty-two weeks you have experienced God growing you, stretching you, and drawing you closer to Him through His worship here and His Word preached in this place. I am thankful to God for the twenty-one years He has given many of us together and for the years that others have joined with us in this place along the way. I am thankful for every soul that He has saved through this ministry, those who have followed Him in Believer’s Baptism here, and those who have joined His church body here over the years. I am sad by everyone we have lost along the way by moves, entering eternity, or even those who left us in disagreement. I am blessed however, by every guest we have had, every preacher who has come to preach, every missionary we have added to our team, and every special meeting we have held. I praise God that even in this year of challenges and difficulties He has blessed and worked in amazing ways to His glory. I, personally, am glad to say good-bye to 2020 and all of the drama, deception, and misinformation we have had to suffer with. I am praying that 2021 will be a new year of growth, blessing, hope, and peace for each one here, our church ministry, and our nation as a whole. I am anticipating the Lord’s return in the days ahead like never before in my life time. I challenge us all to be living in preparation and expectation of eternity, because we will give an account of ourselves to the Lord one day soon. Even so, Lord, come quickly!