Thank You Teachers

Teaching is an important task for every adult in which to be engaged in a positive and godly way to insure the well-being of the future generations of our families, our churches, and our nation. It is critical that we teach the next generations in our homes, in our churches, and in our schools in such a way as to prepare them to carry on our society well. The education of children is the job, first and foremost, of parents. This is the instruction God gives His people in the Shema, which is a highly esteemed section of Scripture to the Jewish people, found in Deuteronomy 6:4, and following. In verse 7, the parents are told by God to “teach them diligently unto thy children” and they are told to talk of them to their children. We, as parents and grandparents, have a divine responsibility to pass along truth to the children in our family.  First and foremost, truth regarding God, His Word, and His Salvation. However, we also need to teach them about our family heritage, our views on society, ethics, morality, economics, and even politics. The education of children is a parental and familial responsibility that you may utilize support to accomplish. You may utilize public schools, private schools, Christian schools, on-line schools, or homeschooling; but the responsibility is the parents. The best help we can give to our children is when our home, our church, and our education choices are all giving our children the same information of truth. I am thankful for good people who genuinely care about children and their understanding of truth in schools, churches, and homes. These wonderful servants of God who teach truth to children are critical to the future of our society, our families, our nation, schools, our businesses, and our churches. However, there are some teachers and educators who are working to fundamentally redefine and transform our nation into something that will not be better and will not even resemble the America we have come to love. Programs like “1619 Project Curriculum” and “Critical Race Theory” are indoctrination efforts that every parent, patriotic American, and born-again believer needs to be aware of in order to protect our children from with truth of Scripture and of the true history of our nation. God’s Word is very clear- we are all created the same by the same Creator and, therefore, should have the same opportunity to live life, enjoy liberty, and pursue happiness. No one should be discriminated against or favored due to the color of their skin and everyone should have the same opportunity based upon their own merit not the neighborhood they grew up in. Thank you to everyone who is investing effort in the God honoring training of the next generation of our society.