Thank You For Your Service!

The biblical life is a life of service. God has demonstrated service for us and so too has His only begotten and eternal Son, Jesus Christ. God serves us with blessings every day of our existence here on this temporal soil. Jesus Christ served us with the ultimate act of service in His payment of our debt of sin in His death, burial, and resurrection in fulfilling redemption’s plan. Even in our earthly relationships, the Bible presents that our goal is service. Husbands and wives are to serve one another. Parents are to meet the needs of their children and to train them to be willing servants of others instead of allowing their carnality to take over so they just expect to be served by others. Even in our professional choices, the most redemptive and rewarding professions are those that meet real needs in others. Regardless of whether it is professional, manufacturing, trades, or even retail sales; each of these forms of work and many others involve serving others and meeting needs. According to the Bible, those who are true Christ followers are to perform their professional and domestic responsibilities with an attitude of service unto the Lord not merely those who benefit. However, there are some fields of service that are more dangerous, demanding, and self-sacrificing than others to be sure. Fire services, Law Enforcement, and the military to mention a few are professions that are of the highest forms of service. Today marks an event that has been established on our calendar to help us remember those who serve and have served in our armed forces. Today marks the 100th anniversary of Armistice Day in the ending of World War I. Also known as Veterans Day, it is a time to think about, recognize, and remember those who have serve, have sacrificed, and who do serve now. We need to show and express our respect and appreciation to those who have willingly and by draft served in our military and especially those who have served in fields of battle. Many lost their lives in those battles, but even those who made it home lost much of their prior life while on those battle fields. They need our prayers and our support. We, as citizens, need to regularly challenge our elected officials to make sure they are keeping services to veterans and our military a high priority in their legislation and budgeting. Thank you to those who have served our nation and who are serving.