Thank You For Your Faithful Service

Pastor Steve became the Youth Pastor of Summerville Baptist Church in May of 1991 under Pastor Chuck Beickel. On October 24, 1993, Sister Sharon teamed up with him in the youth ministry when they were married. Together, they have been making a difference in this church family, in the lives of children, and of teens faithfully over years. I have been blessed to serve with them for the past twenty-two years and their ministry has been a wonderful help to me in my role as Pastor. Each of our own children’s lives have been touched by them and their ministry through their service in children’s church or the youth group. The love they both have for the Lord is evident in their lives and in their service. Their sensitivity to the Holy Spirit is displayed in their lives and their growth as believers and as His servants being used by Him in the Lord’s church here. Pastor Steve has been an integral part of the leadership of this church over the years in every building program, in progress made, and in the work of the ministry. He has preached and taught God’s Word, driven and worked on buses, and helped to spread the Gospel in the valley through the soul-winning ministry. He is always a big part of filling in for me whenever I am gone – just like he is this morning in the worship service. Sister Sharon has been a big part of planning and executing many of our outreach events and church family events over the years; she serves in our nursery, has also taught the Word to our young ladies, and has been a huge help as a church secretary for me for many years. Her service has been a great help to me as I seek to shepherd this flock of God and reach our valley with the truth of His Word. Much of what we do as a church has had their influence on it and their effort behind it to make it happen. I am thankful for all they have done and faithfully still do. This year is a year of transition for them and the church family with them. The ministry they have been doing consistently for the past thirty-one years is being turned over to the care of Pastor Wes and Sister Lisa for the future, and we look forward to seeing what God will be doing in the days ahead. I am thankful to know that the help Pastor Steve and Sister Sharon have been to me and our church will not be changing in the future, because they will continue in much of what they are currently doing even without the responsibility of the youth ministry. I look forward to continuing to serve with them and with the Woodards in the days ahead in the work of the Lord here at Summerville Baptist Church.