Teaching Truth in Preparation for Life

I am thankful for good, truthful, and godly teachers. I have been very blessed to have been mentored by some wonderful teachers in my journey of life over the years. Who I am today, just like you, is the product, in part, of the people who have helped to shape me throughout my life. My ancestors, that I had the privilege to know and appreciate, are part of who I am. Parents, grandparents, and, for many as myself, great grandparents are people who have influenced me and taught me. While we were in Florida last month, my brother and I were able to go visit our first-grade teacher who taught in the same school for 40 years. I still remember her as my teacher as do I with many of the teachers I had during my education years. One of my high school teachers and one of my college professors are still mentors in my life today, and we speak on the phone from time to time. Recently, on a trip I drove three hours to take my former college professor and his wife out for lunch. When Teri and I go to Florida, we usually see that high school teacher who is now Michael and Kimberly’s pastor. Learning truth from our youth up is essential for success in life and is the will of God for our lives. We see this truth and reality in many of the Proverbs, like chapter 9, in which the whole chapter is talking about gaining wisdom and understanding through learning truth beginning with our parents. This principle and Scripture are referring to truth being taught spiritually as well. I still remember many of my Sunday School teachers who invested in my life, such as Leon Lambert who also gave me my first job helping him move furniture. Over the years, Summerville Baptist Church has been blessed with some wonderful teachers of God’s Word for our children, teens, and adults. Rick Peacock was a faithful Sunday School teacher in this church for years before God called him to preach and be sent out of this church to pastor in Canada and then after that in Montana. I myself began my ministry in communicating God’s Word in a children’s class while I was still in high school. Education is valuable and vital and part of God’s will for each of us in our lives.