Stedfast, Unmovable, Abounding in Jerusalem Evangelism

In the Great Commission, as recorded in Acts 1, true followers of Jesus Christ are to be witnesses due to the power of the Holy Spirit that is in them. Our witnessing is to be unto the uttermost part of the earth, world-wide, and in our local community, Jerusalem, at the same time. The only way that we can do two things in two totally different places simultaneously is with help. We reach other places by supporting Missionaries and Church Planters who do the same witnessing we are to be doing here in our local area. However, giving to help them does not negate our own responsibility to be taking place in being a witness where we live. I am thankful for each missionary that we are supporting who is taking the gospel to other places in the world. I am thankful for every offering given to Faith Missions to help to support them. I am thankful for a recent a special offering we received of ? that many of you gave to that was sent to the Bible Foundation to help print Bibles to send to the mission field. I am thankful for each Church Planter we support, for the fact that we are praying about taking a new one on, and the fact that we have two coming this fall who are raising support to plant new churches right here in Oregon that we can help support. I am thankful for every person that served in, prayed for, and gave to support our recent VBS that was a wonderful evangelistic outreach to children and families in our local community. I am also thankful in advance for every person that will be taking part in our upcoming Gospel Truth Booth in the Union County Fair. For the past 15 years, we have had a booth in the fair that is intended to spread the gospel seed right here at home. Souls have been saved, people have been added into the church, and the seed has been planted in the souls of thousands of others over the years through this outreach. I want to encourage you to begin praying now for this very strategic outreach to our Jerusalem in our faithful involvement in the Great Commission. I also want you to take part as much as you can. Please consider signing up for a time in the booth to help meet people, hand them a gospel tract, seek to engage them in sharing your own testimony of Salvation, and try to be a blessing to pray for them. I also want to praise the Lord for each person that has joined in prayer, given financially, and taking part in bringing Christian radio to the Grande Ronde Valley in new way through KOLU, which will be going on the air in September. Please keep praying as they set up equipment in August and begin broadcasting to be another tool in our effort to reach our community with the Gospel of Jesus Christ through His church here at Summerville.