Stealing From God

I would imagine that no one here today would purposefully or intentionally steal from God. However, I fear that many people do so without even thinking about it. Too many Christians are robbing from God, perhaps even on a regular basis, without even realizing that they are doing so. Malachi 3:8 asks the question, “Will a man rob God?” and, unfortunately, the answer is yes. When we fail to give God the glory He is due for things done in or through our lives, we are stealing glory that rightfully belongs to God. I love it when I hear athletes, celebrities, preachers, or anyone who is receiving credit, praise, or accolades for something they have achieved and they say, “First of all I want to give all glory to God.” If God has given us the abilities to achieve the thing done, then He should be given credit for the thing done because without Him it would not have been done. I fear that we do this with our time as well. If our days are given to us from God, and we need Him to teach us to number them and use them best as stated in Psalm 90:12, then we need to use our days for His will to be done through us. When we use our time for ourselves or how we wish instead of for God and what He wants, then we are stealing from Him the time He has given to us. I also think it is sad when a person withholds from giving to God in tithes and in offerings and use what is His for somethings other than for God and His work on earth. Unfortunately, this happens even for Christmas gifts. Our celebration of Christ’s coming to be our Saviour should not be financed by using the tithes, missions giving, or offerings that belong to God. I fear even in our celebration of Christ’s birth we are not worshiping or bringing Him the glory due unto Him. We focus on gifts, parties, family, and festivities; but we do not acknowledge the very One we say it is all about. We also steal from God when we use the gifts and talents that He has blessed us with for our own professional pursuits and success, but we do not use them for serving the Lord and doing His work here on earth. This Christmas season, let us each one strive to truly keep Christ in our Christmas celebrations. Let us worship Him first and foremost lifting Him up in our attitudes and actions. Let us not steal from the Lord what He is due in this Christmas season and all year long.