Steadfast With the Lord

This is the title of our new mid-week Bible study as we enter the New Year. The first Wednesday of 2019, we transitioned from last year’s theme “Anchored” taken from Hebrews 6:19 to our new theme of “Steadfast, Unmovable, Abounding” taken from I Corinthians 15:58. We looked at the common topic in both in the idea of steadfastness. In Hebrews, the anchor of our soul, Jesus, is stated to be both “sure and stedfast,” and in I Corinthians, we are challenged to be “stedfast” because of Jesus and the future promised hope we have in Him for eternity. Faithfulness is something that God desires for each of His children, and it is a quality we all want to be characterized by when Jesus returns for us. These first few weeks, we are looking at some key essentials that will help us all to be steadfast with the Lord throughout 2019 and continuing until we meet the Lord in eternity. The first essential we looked at this past week is the key ingredient of the Bible. God tells His children to read His Word so that we can learn from it and obey it. If we do, it will help us to grow in our faith and in our experience of blessings from the Lord. The Bible has always been, and should always be, a key element in biblical worship in biblical churches. In too many churches today, worshipers have no need to bring their Bible and they don’t, which is a sad reality and commentary on modern churches. You need to bring your Bible to church so you can follow along in the message and make sure what is being said is true to the text and so you can get more out of the truth being communicated. It is a fact that the more senses you use in learning the more learning you experience. When you have your Bible open, you are reading it personally, hearing it read, and seeing it for yourself. You are using your sense of sight and hearing, but if you are taking notes you are also using your sense of touch in writing with your hand. All of this is adding more data into your brain to process to help you increase your engagement in the service, and therefore, you benefit more from the service. We all have enormous control over how steadfast we will be with the Lord in the coming days. My prayer is that you will invest yourself fully in being the keys that will help you be steadfast for God’s glory in your life and your experience of His will in your life. Come join us on Wednesday at 1 or 7PM to help yourself and your church be more steadfast with the Lord.