Steadfast, Unmovable, Abounding

As we come to the close of 2019, I trust you have grown in your walk with the Lord over the past year. I trust that you have become stronger in your faith in the Lord and in the truth of His Word. I trust that you have matured in your faith and in your commitment to the Lord. I hope that you have seen God do some wonderful things in you and through you for His glory from you here on earth. The Lord has done many wonderful things in His church here at Summerville, and I do hope you have benefitted from them in your own life. We have dug into many texts of Scripture over the past year and uncovered wonderful truths that the Lord inspired for us to benefit from in our relationship with Him. We have seen God answer many wonderful prayers on our prayer list even though some of those answers may not have been what we were expecting. We have seen the Lord allow us to accomplish many goals this year; however, we still have much that we need to trust Him to do through us in the coming year. We have seen more people getting involved in Faith Missions Giving and the Lord has enabled us to see a record amount given to missions this year and even more committed to be given next year. We have seen souls saved through the Lord’s work in His church here, and we have seen the Lord add people into the membership of His church here as well. I trust you have experienced God working in your heart and life through His work in His church here and that you have become even more steadfast in your faith, unmovable in your convictions, and abounding in your service of the Lord’s work here on earth. I pray that we will all continue to make progress in these areas even more as we move into the coming year. I pray that God will grow His people deeper in our relationship with Him and in the rich truths of His Word. I pray that our walk with Him will produce fruit to His glory in us and through us as we grow in Him. I invite you to pray with me about trusting God and yielding to God to see His will accomplished in His church in this place for the coming year.