Steadfast, Unmovable, Abounding

This past year, we spent a lot of time looking at the Anchor of the Soul for our soul. That Anchor is Jesus Christ for the believer in Him as personal Saviour. Jesus is the only solid foundation for any person’s life and the only giver of eternal life in Heaven. Jesus is the only anchor for our soul that is “sure and stedfast,” which enables the believer to have hope, peace, security, and stability of faith. The word steadfast, in regards to our anchor, leads us right into our theme for 2019. In I Corinthians 15:58, because of the stedfastness that Jesus brings to us as our anchor in life spiritually, God leads the Apostle Paul to call believers in general and those in the church at Corinth specifically to be stedfast themselves in the activity of their faith as a biblical church doing the work of the Lord here on Earth. Right theology is always intended to be demonstrated in living life as God wants it lived so it is a witness to all who see us living life every day. Right belief produces right living, if we truly believe from the heart and not merely from the head. Real life is lived from the heart, or soul, more than from the brain. We can say we believe something acknowledging it mentally, but how we live truly reveals what actually believe in our heart spiritually. The fruit of our true faith is displayed for the world to see in how we live life through the challenges we all face in any given week here on Earth. The reality of our true beliefs is made known more by how we live, more than by what we say with our words. The faithfulness of our worship, service, and our witness is the real evidence of our true faith. Theology is to have practical evidence in the fruit of how we live each day. God wants His children to live life by faith in Him so they can live life steady and stable instead of like a rollercoaster. Over the next few weeks, we are going to dig into this passage and other related passages to learn as much as we can about what God desires for His children in their living life to His glory here on earth as we await His eminent return for us.